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Imports of Personal Effects.

As a Traveller You Need to Know Whether You Will be Required to Pay Import Taxes on the Goods You Bring to Ethiopia

Read Below How the Items You Bring Will Be Treated by the Customs Office.

What are Personal Effects?

The Customs Office use the term "personal effects" to refer to goods a traveller may bring to Ethiopia for his/her personal use while in Ethiopia.

Example of personal effects include furniture, electronic devices, tableware, cookware, books, medicines, medical devices, laundry items, cosmotics, clothes, artwork and other usual household items which are used for personal purpose and not intended for sale.

In most cases travellers bring their personal effects through airports.

But travellers can also bring their personal effects using land transport.

Is there Customs Duty on Import of Personal Effects?

No custom duty is levied on the import of personal effects so long as it doesn't exceed the maximum allowable limit.

If the amount of personal effects exceeds the limit, the person will be allowed to import paying customs duty for the excess amount so long as the excess quantity is not commercial quantity.

However, when the imported quantity is considered commercial quantity, the person is required to pay twice the amount of import taxes payable on such items. If not willing to pay, the items will be confiscated by the customs office.

Can I Bring my Personal Effects as Unaccompanied Baggage?

It is possible to have unaccompanied baggages.

Customs officers want to know that the unaccompanied baggages are yours.

The unaccompanied baggages can be brought before or after your arrival.

Who is Allowed to Import Personal Effects?

In addition to tourists and Ethiopian returnee diplomats, the following are allowed to import personal effects:

  • Passenger
  • Ethiopian Returnee Diaspora
  • Ethiopian Refugee Returnee
  • Expatriate
  • Ethiopian Professional Living Abroad
  • Diaspora Investor
  • Foreign Investor
  • Ethiopian Returnee Student
  • Ethiopian Returnee Professional