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Supporting serious and growth-minded executives
in Ethiopia to be tax-compliant, competitive, data-driven, and operationally excellent.

ethiopiantax.com is operated by Kenmos Consulting which is co-founded by Dr. Temesgen Worku who is an experienced certified management consultant and an asst. professor of taxation and finance at Addis Ababa University in the Department of Accounting and Finance under the College of Business and Economics (former FBE). He co-founded it building a versatile and seasoned team and partnering with professionals in USA and Europe to promote tax compliance and organizational excellence in Ethiopia.

Dr. Temesgen did his PhD in Amsterdam, the Netherlands focusing on tax compliance and trade facilitations. His master’s thesis focused on capital market and the infrastructure for liquid stock exchange.

Dr. Temesgen was born and has grown up in Addis Ababa around Megenagna.

Dr. Temesgen has 20 years of extensive experience both in the industry and academics. Making use of this rich experience, he supports investors and executives of growth-minded organizations to enhance their operational excellence, promote corporate governance, and improve the value curve of their organization.

Previously Dr. Temesgen held various C-suite positions in the private sector including CFO and CEO. He trains executives to adopt global best practices to improve their companies' competitiveness. Currently, he serves as a board member and investors advisor in some private companies. He also serves as a technical committee member of the Ethiopian Quality Award Organization which promotes and recognizes organizational excellence in Ethiopia. The organization operates under the auspices of H.E. W/ro Sahlework Zewde, the President of Ethiopia. Recently, Dr. Temesgen involved in the evaluation of Ministry of Revenues and Ethiopian Customs Commission for the Ethiopian Quality Award.

Dr. Temesgen teaches courses like taxation, econometrics, research methods, capital market, corporate finance, investment, and similar finance courses in the MBA and other post-graduate programs. He has presented his research papers in international conferences in USA and Europe.

In addition to his skills in data analytics, data science, and IT, Dr. Temesgen is conversant with a number of high-end ERPs including Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, Oracle E-Business Suite, SAGE and others. He advises Ethiopian companies on ERP selections and successful implementations. During his stay in Europe Dr. Temesgen has observed that best global companies heavily rely on data for management decisions and he supports Ethiopian companies to have a data-driven culture to be competitive and successful.

Dr. Temesgen led the national team in the development of the current harmonized national curriculum for the BA degree program for Accounting & Finance under the former Ministry of Education (the current Ministry of Science and Higher Education). He also involved as a team leader and team member in a number of national and regional consultancy assignments on socio-economic and development issues financed by development partners including the World Bank and USAID.

As an expert on taxation, Dr. Temesgen has been closely following the Ethiopian tax system over the last 20 years and supports both tax offices and companies in understanding the Ethiopian tax requirements for better compliance and enforcement. He has observed when CEOs, CFO, and company owners struggle to cope with the consequences of tax non-compliance. His advice to companies is the following: Comply with the Ethiopian tax requirements. If you disagree with some tax provisions, advocate for their change than defeating them.

Dr. Temesgen advices the Ethiopian government to take further measures to improve the institutional capacity of the public sector, ease doing business in Ethiopia and level the playing field in the private sector so that the sector can grow, expand and play its important role in reducing unemployment (and social unrest) and developing the country.

You Can Contact Dr. Temesgen at:

Tel: +251-911-447142
Email: temesgen.worku@aau.edu.et

Our Mission

Supporting serious and growth-minded organizations
to be tax-compliant, competitive, data-driven, and operationally excellent

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